Hardware flow diagram along with sensors
Balena Hub Meetup: Citizen Science
Watch Keenan’s talk about citizen science!
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Keenan photo with Ribbit sensor in the background
Hackster Cafe interview
Join us for a live chat with Keenan Johnson, hosted by Hackster's Alex Glow.
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Keenan with hands cupped above his eyes in a snowy background
Subak Fellow Spotlight
“Join us as we sit down with Keenan, a Subak Fellow, to discuss the Fellowship experience, his project Ribbit Network, and insight on working in the climate space.”
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Virtual chat with two people with a yellow backdrop
Arm Innovation Coffee - Using Tech to Manage Climate Change
“Arm Innovator and Entrepreneur, Keenan Johnson shared how he's building the world's largest crowd-sourced database of open-source Climate Change data. “
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One Act at a time with a globe on the left with people planting trees
One Act at a Time: Stories of Change — The OATHE Project
“Keenan is an engineer who has worked on an incredibly diverse set of projects - most recently starting the Ribbit Network. The Ribbit Network is a low-cost, open-source greenhouse gas emissions sensor, intended to provide more data on greenhouse gas levels across the world to help climate action efforts.”
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Open source CO2 Monitoring paper
tinyML for Good Lightning Talks: Sustainability
“Ribbit Network: The world’s largest crowdsourced network of open-source, low-cost, CO2 Gas Detection Sensors”
See the abstract here or read the article about the talk here.
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Press article for ribbit
Charlotte Inno: Meet Ribbit, a startup seeking to tackle climate change one sensor at a time
“A Seattle-based nonprofit operation is starting small to make a big impact on climate change.”
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Arm dev poster with yellow strip for open source sensors for climate
Arm DevSummit 2021: Open Source Sensors for Climate
Speaker: Keenan Johnson, Ribbit Network
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Awards and Honours

Balena challenge twitter anouncement that Ribbit network won first place
Balena Challenge - 1st Place
“We challenged developers to build an IoT Project or Fleet, add it to our growing marketplace - balenaHub, and share it with hardware hackers, edge developers, and IoT fleet managers all over the world.”
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Subak fellowship collage
Subak Fellowship
“The Fellows will deliver a project which will open up a new climate dataset; connect, analyse or deliver downstream impact of existing climate data; improve the architecture and connectedness of data in the Data Cooperative.”
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Joules accelerator collage of speakers
Joules Accelerator
“Joules works with early stage cleantech startups and makes quick connections to potential pilots and business development opportunities. We reduce the time it takes to find the right stakeholder within an organization and advise startups on how to take the next step in the direction of a revenue generating pilot.”
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On-Deck Build sprint twitter thread
OnDeck Build Sprint / 1000 Gretas Grant
“Over 70 Fellows from On Deck Climate Tech participated in an inaugural 3-week Build Sprint to make tangible progress toward a climate project or company.”
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