Our story

Hello! I'm Keenan, the Founder and Executive Director of Ribbit Network.

I’m glad you have found yourself on our website and I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about Ribbit.

It Started With a Question

The start of Ribbit Network and the journey we are on started with a question: Do we measure Greenhouse gases? That question has led me and the team that is now Ribbit Network on a fascinating journey of learning all about climate change, sensors, capitalism, and people like yourself!

I had assumed that scientists have a map of the world that can tell us exactly what the emissions levels are at any spot on the planet. Unfortunately, that map doesn’t exist.

Building the Missing Map

Ribbit Network was created to generate this missing map of GHG concentrations. By building and deploying the world’s largest network of CO2 sensors, we will form a better picture of CO2 concentrations, and engage with a worldwide community of citizen scientists.

We’ve had great success designing and deploying open-source Frog sensors all over the world. We’ve built a strong community of citizen scientists and partner organizations working together to learn, build, and take action to address the climate crisis.

Keenan holding the Ribbit frog sensor in a snowy landscape

Core team

Keenan Johnson Photo
Executive Director

Eric Audiffred photo

Eric is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to mountain bike. Protecting our environment and working towards a sustainable future is very important to him so that we can all continue to enjoy what nature has to offer! Eric has a degree in mechanical engineering and is excited to help the Ribbit Network grow.

Susie Kim Photo
Operations, Design

Susie is an award-winning brand & product designer, education activist, and serial startup founder. Her activism journey began when she was 17, advocating for Black-faced Spoonbill habitat conservation in Korea. She is an avid traveler looking for her 43rd country to visit and is also an amateur keytarist and marker artist.

Steven Pestana photo
Web Software

Steven is a snow hydrology and remote sensing researcher, and a mediocre birder.

Pascal Joly Photo

Pascal is an engineer with a strong background in product management and product marketing. He is passionate about climate issues and has been active in the environmental community for many years. He is also a devoted sourdough baker.

Mudit Agrawal photo

Hi! My name is Mudit and I am a current student at Duke studying Mechanical Engineering. I'm very interested in working towards a sustainable future with technological solutions and believe that Ribbit is a great place to be to take ownership of a great project and help take it to the next level!


Sébastien Biraud Photo

Sébastien Biraud is a biogeochemist leading the Climate Sciences Department in the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHG) observations to support research on carbon cycle, satellite validation, and source attribution. His work relies heavily on the development of measurement capabilities to measure carbon exchange between the land and the atmosphere, and monitor methane fugitive emissions. These measurements and analysis activities include: (1) developing eddy covariance based systems; (2) building and testing continuous high-accuracy and high precision GHG observations system; (3) integration of GHG observation systems on manned aircraft, unmanned aerial systems, and tall towers.

Extended Team

Ribbit Network is built by a large team of talented people from around the world and in many types of professions.

You can see some of our contributors at the links below, but rest assured that many more people have helped along the way. We’re so grateful and encourage everyone to take steps that further their learning about climate through projects like this.

100% Open-Source

Ribbit Network has been built in public as an open-source project since its founding in 2021. The hardware, software, community, and learning are all open and accessible to all. This not only allows us to build an accessible and welcoming community for people everywhere, but creates trust with scientists, corporations, and governments that will ultimately use the Ribbit Network data.

Ribbit Network is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

This allows Ribbit Network to focus on impact, instead of profit. The legal structure aligns with our values and lets us build and ship open-source projects without business or legal headaches.